Next Steps

A HUGE thank you to everyone who has supported PALLS over the last few months.  We started on July 5th with 23 members and now number over 700.  This level of  support demonstrates the strength of heartfelt opposition to the development of our Green Belt, our National Park and our rural Lanes.

Thank you for joining our campaign.  Thank you to everyone who joined us on our 'Protest Ramble', put up posters, surveyed traffic or spread the word at the Summer Spectacular in Woodside Park.

The fight is not over.  Here is what you can do to campaign for the removal of SS6 from the NFDC Local Plan.

Lobby your District Councillor

97% of us live in the New Forest District Council area.  Using the link below, please find out who your local councillor is and ask them whether they have seen our objection. Please feel free to download our Green Belt Assessment and Nature Conservation Report as well as our representation and send it to them.  We would like NFDC to remove this site (SS6) from their local plan.
Ask your councillor why they are not debating or discussing the Local Plan, especially the inclusion of SS6.  There were 567 pages of representations on SS6, most were objections, yet NFDC prefer to ignore this and send their ill-prepared and rushed plan to the Inspector.


Make A Donation

In order to prepare our case in readiness for the Inspection we will need to seek professional advice.  Please make a donation - details are found by following the menu at the top of the page.


Write to the Press

Write to the Lymington Times, put it on Facebook or Tweet about it - help us to remind everyone that we need to act now!

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