Badger Sett Under Threat


Badger Sett in SS6

As part of their submission to the Local Plan Examination in 2019, the site promoters of SS6 identified a badger sett located in SS6 (Strategic Site 6).  The local community have not been allowed to read the site promoter's most recent ecological surveys but in a recent document sent to NFDC in relation to an Environment Impact Assessment (EIA) they wrote: 

“current proposals retain subsidiary badger sett and there will be a 20m buffer zone from this before the building line . Further specific details for mitigation during construction will be outlined within the CEMP." (Construction Environmental Management Plan - ed.  Please also note that PALLS are asking for access to all withheld documents under the Freedom of Information Act.)

This would suggest that, in line with the law, everything will be done to protect the badger sett and the badgers within it.

Agricultural Aggravation of Sett

On 12th May 2021, between 10.30pm and midnight, part of SS6 was ploughed.  Much to the surprise of local residents - this was a first for night-time activity in the field - large agricultural machinery equipped with extremely bright lights engaged in ploughing or harrowing of the field.  Perfectly reasonable - we all understand that farming is a 24/7 industry and work sometimes needs to happen at unusual hours.

However, this night-time activity came extremely close  to the sett which is protected under the Protection of Badgers Act 1992.  Bright lights were shone directly at the sett for a prolonged period of time - activity which could disturb and stress occupants of this active sett.

We have written to New Forest District Council asking them to remind the landowners of their responsibilities towards the badgers and asking them to seek an explanation for their actions.  You can read the text of our email by clicking on the link below and we will update you with their response.

Our email to NFDC