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Inspectors' Report on Local Plan Hearing

March 2020

We have known since last December that the inspectors were not recommending any changes to
any of the site allocations in the Local Plan including SS6 but we did not know the inspectors
reasoning and we still don’t!
The report into the Examination by the two inspectors has now been published and you can read it by clicking here.
If you were looking for answers as to why the hundreds of representations setting out why the
allocation of SS6 was wrong you will not find it. Nowhere within the report are the many objections
received in relation to site SS6 mentioned – it simply rubber-stamps the Council’s proposals with the
only changes on SS6 being those proposed by the Council themselves. That does include some
concessions to Oakhaven Hospice but even those have been watered down in the latest changes
(known as modifications) because they were demanded by the landowner/site promoter and duly
accepted by the Council (and the inspectors). It therefore won’t come as any surprise to you that
every modification sought by Oakhaven Hospice, Lymington and Pennington Town Council as well as
PALLS has been ignored.  NFDC have meekly bowed to the demands of the landowners and site promoters.  A whitewash.

 Main Modifications Consultation

January 2020

The Inspectors published their Main Modifications to the Local Plan in December and these were put out for public consultation, with a deadline for representations of 31st January 2020.  Representations are only permitted on the modificatins or changes that have been made to the plan and these can be seen here.  PALLS submitted a representation and this can be found on our Recent Activities page by following the link here.  The consultation sparked some activity from the Town Council and that can also be seen by following the link.

PALLS Gives Evidence

June and July 2019

During the summer the Local Plan Examination was held at Appletree Court in Lyndhurst.  It was chaired by two inspectors appointed by the government.  PALLS submitted evidence from our legal adviser, our consultants in planning, the environment, landscape and transport.

The Inspectors' Response

October 2019

On Friday 9th October, a letter from the Inspectors appeared on the Local Plan Examination website and it seems that, despite the strong arguments that we put to the inspectors against the inclusion of SS6, they have not removed it from the local plan.  In fact, they seem to have made very few changes to the plan as a whole.

The letter, which can be found by clicking on this link:  EXAM 38A, details the main modifications or changes that the Inspectors wish to see made by NFDC to the current draft of the Local Plan.  If NFDC choose to incorporate these modifications, then they will be published for a six week public consultation.  There will be an opportunity to make representations but only on the modifications that have been made – not any of the original text.

The inspectors will consider the consultation responses on the modifications and then their report will be published.   After that NFDC will publish their intention to adopt their Local Plan.  It is only when the inspectors publish their final report that we will know why our arguments were not accepted.

The Local Plan provides permission ‘in principle’ and the next step for development will be the submission of Outline Planning Permission by the site promoter to NFDC.  We don’t know when this might be.

So what next for us?  We remain very concerned about the impact of development on the lanes and as such, are taking advice on what our next steps might be in relation to the Local Plan.  We will be scrutinising any further documentation which is published in relation to SS6.


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