Jack Davies

I have supported the aims of PALLS as a District Councillor since my election in 2019. First by speaking out against, and then voting against, the Local Plan when a proposal I seconded to remove SS6 from the Plan was voted down. Then I spoke out against the felling of 17 trees on very thin grounds which shielded the site. 

As a County Councillor, my priority will be to make the lanes safer for people to use - no matter if they drive, walk or cycle. To that end, I want to meet with Highways Officers within my first month to specifically discuss the Safer Lanes Initiative and the plans for a vehicular through-route from Lower Pennington Lane to Ridgeway Lane. I support the safer lanes initiative and oppose the vehicular through-route because it will become a rat-run which endangers pedestrians and residents.

We have got to make sure that, now we have this development at SS6, the impact is minimal on local people. I will be PALLS’ voice on the County Council fighting for safer lanes and the upgraded infrastructure that’s needed with the development that is planned.