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Membership is free! Just email us on and tell us your name and postal address.  We only use your postal address to collect data on the geographical spread of our supporters.

The benefits of being a member are:

  • knowing that your interests are represented through our actions

  • receiving the PALLS newsletter

  • invitations to community events

Join Us: Mission

Who We Are

PALLS stands for the Pennington and Lymington Lanes Society.

We are a local community action group who care about protecting the historical and environmental legacy of the network of Lanes leading down to the Pennington and Lymington salt marshes. 

We campaign on local issues which directly relate to our aims and also organise community events such as litter picks and nature walks.

We run by committee - some of us live on the lanes, some don't - but we all want to do our best to keep this area special for everybody.

Join Us: About Us

Our Aims

Pennington and Lymington Lanes Society (PALLS) is a constituted society which aims to protect and enhance the tranquillity, rural environment and special character of the Lanes and their environs by:

  • resisting inappropriate development;

  • protecting the green character of this area from urbanisation so it can continue to be enjoyed by the community, residents and visitors alike;

  • maintaining the tranquillity and environmental quality of this sensitive area including land within the Green Belt and within and adjacent to the New Forest National Park.

Join Us: Mission

Learn the Lingo

Hopefully this very short  guide will help with our use of acronyms!

  • HCC Hampshire County Council

  • NFDC New Forest District Council

  • LPTC Lymington and Pennington Town Council

These are the three layers of Local Authority (LA) which serve our area.  We have a town council - some areas will have parish councils.  You are most probably aware that we elect councillors to all three of these LAs.  Some councillors sit on more than one council, for example are both a town councillor and a district councillor.​

  • NFNPA New Forest National Park Authority

This is a separate authority because the New Forest is a National Park.  We don't elect councillors to it but some councillors  are appointed from NFDC.  It has its own planning authority separate to that of NFDC.​

  • Local Plan (LP) vs Neighbourhood Plan (NP)

The LP is written by NFDC (District Council).  It is a strategic planning document which sets out a vision and a framework for the future development of an area.  Once voted on, a LP will become the policy which will be a starting point for whether planning applications will be accepted.

The NP is produced by a town or parish council - LPTC in our case - and is a 'new way for communities to have a say in the future of the places where they live and work' (

NFNPA also have a Local Plan.​

Strategic Sites - referred to as SS, as in SS6.  These are housing development sites which have more than 100 houses proposed on them. 

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