What are Quiet Lanes?

Quiet Lanes are an idea which was introduced as part of the Transport Act 2000.  This gave local authorities (for us it would be Hampshire County Council) the power to designate roads, for which they are responsible, as Quiet Lanes.

Quiet Lanes are minor rural roads, generally without a footpath, where it seems appropriate to pay special attention to the needs of walkers, cyclists, horse riders and the mobility impaired.  The idea is to enable all users to enjoy them in greater safety and encourage car drivers to respect more vulnerable road users.

We feel that the lanes around South Lymington and Pennington are perfect for a Quiet Lanes network.  They are frequently used by walkers, runners and cyclists, amongst others and also form a network whereby people can access longer routes around the sea wall or travel in a sustainable way between Lymington and Keyhaven.

Quiet Lanes could include changes such as lower speed limits, excessive street furniture could be reduced, soft verges and ditches which encourage wildlife would be valued and protected and most importantly, the use of the lanes by pedestrians and cyclists would be encouraged.


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