Whilst mindful of the need for local housing, we believe that the development  proposed by NFDC in the Local Plan will seriously damage the tranquillity and natural environment of Woodside, Lower Pennington and the surrounding lanes which are so highly valued by the whole of Pennington and Lymington.

Large Scale Development

The proposed allocation is for ‘a minimum of 100 homes’. Pennington Councillor, Michael White clearly stated in January 2018 that 200 homes will be built on the site.

Lanes with NP marked (1).jpg

Access via narrow lanes

Access to the development will be from narrow, tree lined rural lanes which have been identified by the council themselves as a distinctive characteristic of Lymington and Pennington.


New Southern Link Road

A new link road between Lower Pennington Lane and Ridgeway Lane, via the in-patient access to Oakhaven Hospice, to a new junction connecting the site to Ridgeway Lane and Poles Lane.

This photo shows the site of this proposed junction. 


Straightening of Ridgeway Lane

Cicero Estates have published plans, in their document that they submitted to the Inspectors earlier this year, to realign Ridgeway Lane in order to make the new junction safe.  This will mean cutting further into National Park land.  Our rural lanes are ancient droving routes and their curves, hedgerows and verges are very much part of our local heritage.  On this map you can just see the position of the new layout. The pink represents land which HCC regard as being Highways Land.