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Impact of Development on The Lanes

parking on ridgeway.jpeg

Increases in Traffic

There will be significant increases in traffic along all of the lanes to the south of the town including Poles Lane, Ridgeway Lane, Lower Pennington Lane, Woodside Lane, Viney Road and all roads leading into these lanes. 

The new link road would attract additional traffic to the lanes by providing an alternative route to the already congested A337.  This will be in addition to traffic generated by a further 185 homes on site SS5. This would affect all of the lanes of Lower Pennington and Woodside. 

This photo shows Ridgeway Lane on a Saturday morning.


Essence of the Lanes

The soft verges, ditches and over hanging trees make up the essence of the lanes and are a distinctive characteristic of our town.  This would be destroyed by introducing street lights, pavements, road markings, traffic calming and signage which would be necessary for the safety of the many recreational users of these lanes including walkers, cyclists, joggers, visitors and the families of Lymington and Pennington.


Encroachment on the National Park

The Link Road will be developed within the National Park into the development.  This is directly at odds with the duty of the New Forest National Park Authority (NFNPA) to protect its tranquillity and natural beauty.  It creates the precedent for further major housing development within the National Park in this area.


Loss of publicly accessible Green Belt

The proposed site is in the Green Belt and is crossed by public footpaths.  According to Government, Green Belt should only be developed in exceptional circumstances.  NFDC say this area is lower quality Green Belt and can be sacrificed.  We strongly disagree and consider the land to be high quality Green Belt adjacent to the National Park and worthy of protection.

This photo shows the public footpath which crosses the Green Belt fields.


Destruction of Trees and Hedgerows

NFDC are proposing the destruction of large swathes of significant hedgerows and trees protected by Tree Preservation Orders (TPOs) including an area identified by the council as a landmark pine group on Lower Pennington Lane.

Close up of the majestic yet threatened Monterey Pines on Lower Pennington Lane.

Crane lifting on construction site

Construction Disturbance

Construction of this scale will to take up to three years.    NFDC Planning do not provide any protection to either local residents or the wider community from construction related nuisance throughout the construction phase. Everyone will suffer the consequences of heavy plant and equipment accessing the site and movement along these country lanes.  Dust, vibration and noise will be an inevitable result of construction and the likelihood of 24/7 pumping from water logged fields.


Habitat Loss

The loss of habitat for wildlife will be significant and permanent.  The development will increase pressure on the nationally significant protected areas of the salt marshes south of the site.

A gatekeeper butterfly feeds on thistles in the fields of SS6. 

Impact of Development: Meet the Team
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