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Freedom of Information Requests

Our Actions So Far

We wrote to New Forest District Council, Hampshire County Council, New Forest National Park Authority and Lymington and Pennington Town Councilto ask them for information about SS6 and documents relating to the preparation of the Neighbourhood Plan.

Some information has been disclosed and some withheld. Hampshire County Council are refusing to disclose a Transport Assessment for Site SS6 and Lymington and Pennington Town Council will not disclose records of meetings of various Neighbourhood Plan working groups and records of a workshop on site SS6. We do not believe there are valid reasons to refuse to disclose these documents which are of significant public interest and we are appealing to both authorities to review their decisions and to provide the information.  

If you would like to view our request letters, the responses and our challenges to those responses please e-mail PALLS on (the files are just too big to add to our website!).

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