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Lymington and Pennington Town Council's Neighbourhood Plan

Remember this?  As a community we were all asked to comment on it back in 2017.  It is meant to be a set of hyper-local policies just for Lymington and Pennington drawn up with the engagement of the local community.  But since the initial consultation we've heard nothing and there certainly has not been any engagement with PALLS over SS6.

The last LPTC website update on the plan was in December 2018.  But, we are pleased to report that it is going to get going again in the New Year. 

We have repeatedly asked L&PTC to be included in the preparatory work on the plan.  Avoiding a situation where we, as a community, are presented with yet another document which is effectively a final draft with no room for change is something we would like to avoid.  In other words, we seek meaningful input as a community.

So, once again, we have asked to meet with the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group and their consultants as soon as possible. 

Please let your town councillors know that you want a genuine opportunity to shape this plan and tell them what you think.

LPTC Neighbourhood Plan: Donate
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