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Northfield Nursery Request Relocation

January 2021

On 15th February, a notice appeared on the New Forest National Park planning website which stated that this application has now been withdrawn.  No further explanation was given and we shall be alert for any change in this status.

Thank you to everyone who made an objection (there were 45 in total)  to this application which we feel would be an unnecessary development within the National Park.

PALLS has now submitted an objection to this planning application which you can view by clicking on the link below.  Thank you to everyone who has also taken the time to object - last time I looked there were 43 objections including representations from the Lymington Society and the Friends of the New Forest.

The National Park are also consulting Lymington and Pennington Town Council on this application.  This was timetabled for discussion on Wednesday 13th January but the discussion has been postponed as none of the councillors could access the NFNPA Planning Website due to technical difficulties.  We had been hoping to speak at this meeting but hope to have an opportunity at their next planning meeting.  Please do lobby Town Councillors to object to this application.  They need to know what their constituents are thinking.

The land on which Northfield Nursery sits, neatly tucked behind Oakhaven Hospice at present, is being sold by the owners of the nursery so that it can form part of the development site SS6. 

It comes as no surprise to PALLS that the nursery owners have now applied to move their greenhouses, polytunnels, water tanks and so on to the site next to their house.  This site is right next to the lane and more importantly, in the New Forest National Park.

It will include an area for articulated lorries to turn in, an access road and a rainwater harvesting pond.  In other words, the pointless relocation of a business from one perfectly good site to another.  And more importantnly, another loss of a wildlife habitat.  An unnecessary encroachment into the National Park.

There is no doubt that this represents overspilling of development from SS6 - the impact of building housing on such an unsuitable site.  Is SS6 the thin end of the developmental wedge along the lanes?

PALLS have objected to this application. Please do read the application and take action urgently by letting the National Park know that you object.  Again, we urge you to write to your local councillors too - especially your town councillors which you can find by looking at this link.

Northfield Planning App: Donate
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