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The Neighbourhood Plan and the PALLS Lanes Manifesto

A plan for you and your community...get involved!

LPTC have just let us know that there will be an informal consultation taking place on their Neighbourhood Plan between 30th September and 29th October.

The Neighbourhood Plan covers the whole of Lymington and Pennington and will cover all aspects of planning. An exhibition (display boards) will be held at:

  • Lymington Town Hall Council Chamber, Saturday 30th September, 11am-1pm

  • St Marks Hall Pennington, Saturday 7th  October, 12.30 - 2.30pm.

Councillors and the CEO/Town Clerk will be in attendance and questionnaires will be available on which to make comments (paper and online).

We urge you to attend and engage with this.  Our town councillors need to know that PALLS members expect a lanes specific policy to be included in this plan.  Last year we sent them a copy of our Lanes Manifesto (click on the link below) - so please do read it and ask them how this has been incorporated into the plan.

It will also be interesting to see how both SS5 and SS6, the two Pennington strategic housing developments, will be developed and incorporated into the existing communities.

Along with other local interest groups, PALLS has been invited to attend a meeting on 9th October.  So, if you go to the exhibition, please do feed back to us so that we can raise any PALLS related issues at that meeting.

PALLS sets out a vision

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