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The Neighbourhood Plan

A plan for you and your it really?

Lymington and Pennington Town Council have finally started moving again on their Neighbourhood Plan which has stalled since 2018.

During that time, PALLS have repeatedly asked to be involved with the creation of the plan.  It is quite fundamental to the idea of any neighbourhood plan that the local community is involved with its formation.  However, PALLS has been utterly ignored and there is no evidence to show that any other community representatives have been involved either.  Instead, planning consultants have been used.

As a result, we have written down in a 'Manifesto for the Lanes' just some of what we would have liked to discuss with the Town Council.  We have submitted this to the them, and we very much look forward to hearing back from them on this subject.

Now that the Neighbourhood Plan seems to be back on the move again, it would be great to see that the community were involved with it as it was formed rather than asked to comment on it after it has been written.

Please have a read of our Manifesto and let us know what you think on pennandlymlane

Keeping Everyone Up to Date

PALLS sets out a vision

We demand that the community is heard before it is too late

Lanes Manifesto: Donate
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