Jacqui England

My background is having the privilege of being brought up in Lymington, experiencing, since my childhood, the Lanes, its unique tranquil area and habitat.

Recollecting my historical knowledge of over 20 years ago when I was on the Board of Trustees reference the old Lymington Hospital’s relocation project originally in Southampton Road. The League of Friends were looking to identify and purchase land for the relocation of the old Hospital. We were offered five sites, one of them now being referred to as SS6 as a prospective site for the Lymington New Forest Hospital. The said site was offered by the Smith Brothers with the caveat they would give the land for the hospital to be built on provided the League of Friends Board would endorse them to build houses on the adjacent land. (Please see enclosed newspaper article.) (We are unable to attach this please email PALLS if you'd like to see it.)

At this period of time, the site was deemed totally unsuitable for several factors and discounted. Accessibility both pedestrian and vehicular; traffic volume; road infrastructure and utilities deemed inadequate; impact on environment; flood plain and disturbance of eco system for complete rejection.

I feel totally appalled by the lack of HCC’s engagement and refusal to do any feasibility studies or projections until full planning is submitted which I find outrageous, especially with the geographical layout of the area.

Several contributing factors appear to have been ignored such as carbon emissions, light pollution, SSI habitat, eco system, the dangerous consequences to cyclists and pedestrians to mention a few. The geographical nature and quality of the road in conjunction with the surrounding lanes and existing estates and lack of available extra land to divert traffic will produce an impasse. The discharge of the volume of traffic within this rural setting combined with the impact of another 100 houses in the locality would not only turn into total gridlock and would not be sustainable with the impact of the proposed hundred houses not only with normal traffic movement but would be compounded via the associated internet shopping and delivery which has now increased exponentially due to Covid. Shopping habits have changed dramatically with an unforeseen increase in home deliveries. This factor was never taken into consideration when the site was originally identified.

If I am successful and elected as the Independent HCC Councillor, I would take the findings of PALLS Transport Review report not only to Stuart Jarvis who is the Officer for Economy & Transport but also the current Leader, Cllr Mans, in conjunction with the portfolio holder for Highways which is Cllr 2 Humby and to the Head of Engineering Department, Mr Tim Lawton. I would subsequently request that a full Traffic Impact Management Study was carried out with full transparency as a public document.

With reference to the through-route linking Lower Pennington Lane and Ridgeway Lane, I would ask this to be included within the Traffic Impact Management Study as this is conjoined with the locality. If this is not done, it would not be resolving any issues, it would just be transferring the problem elsewhere via serial dilution.

If appointed as an Independent HCC Councillor, I would work on a Quieter Lanes strategy with HCC, NFDC & LPTC to implement a safer model, as I have previously achieved as a Councillor on Boldre Parish Council, to address similar issues and problems seen in the Upper and Lower Sandy Down area.

I would continue to be your advocate. As an Independent Councillor, I do not have to abide by political party whip pressure. I can make true representation without being confined to party mantra or restrictions. I would continue to support the aims and objectives of PALLS as I have done since the outset by challenging and objecting to developments in this location known as SS6 and also the associated recent planning application to fell the trees despite the TPOs. Please see my previous emails to both of these. I will endeavour to do so at all levels of Council.

For clarification, as an LPTC Councillor on Planning, when the application No. 20/00861 Land of Northfield Nursery, Lower Pennington Lane, was put in front of the Committee in 2021, I was the only Councillor to object to this resolution. Subsequently, it has been temporarily withdrawn; I am sure it will be resurrected at some stage. I am incredibly concerned of the sensitive nature of this area considering its close proximity to Oakhaven Hospice.

My association with the site as an LPTC/NFDC Councillor is that I have continually voted against the proposed development known as SS6 and associated other planning applications in the vicinity of the area, despite extreme pressure from external and internal bodies. I will endeavour to continue as an Independent Councillor to serve the community and their needs and concerns in my term of office.