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Membership Maps

Where are Our Members?

The future of our Lanes is of concern to a very widely distributed range of people in terms of location.  When this map was produced, we had 694 members and 585 of these live in the Lymington & Pennington area.  The map opposite shows where our members live - a star for each postcode represented in our membership.

PALLS members lymington stars  jpeg.jpg

Membership Further Afield

Many of our members live further afield - across the New Forest and into Dorset.  We even have a few members in Canterbury, Lancaster and Cambridge as well as a couple of overseas members too!

PALLS members new forest stars  jpeg.jpg

PALLS Across Lymington and Pennington

This diagram shows how members of PALLS generally live in the wider area of Lymington and Pennington.  The issues that we promote, protecting our lanes, affect a wide range of people across the Lymington and Pennington area.

Screenshot 2023-08-11 094622.jpg
Membership Maps: Membership
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