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Protecting Our Lanes

Protecting Our Lanes: Programs

Parking on the Lanes

Many of you may have noticed the impact of excessive parking in Ridgeway Lane and Poles Lane every Saturday morning.  The verges are being worn away and large ruts created which eventually will break into the ditches.  Additionally, parking on the lanes is hazardous and has caused blockages.  Very young children and their parents are climbing in and out of cars on to the lanes and walking along the lanes which become dangerously narrow once cars are parked.

With three separate sporting groups using the Woodside Park on a Saturday morning it is inevitable that there is overflow from the car park.  Whilst PALLS is totally supportive of all the wonderful sporting activities that are going on, we are concerned about parking in the lanes both from an environmental stand point and one of safety.

Bruce and Simon, our chair and treasurer recently met with six members of the Town Council to discuss a way of resolving this issue.  Two football teams are now moving to the pitches at Pennington and the Town Clerk committed to inform the local police so that they might leaflet any unsafe parking.

We hope that this will improve the issue and will continue to liaise with the groups using the park on a Saturday morning as well as the Town Council.

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