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Finally Uncovered: New Site Put Forward on the Lanes

Cicero Estates, the same site promoter that has pushed for development on SS6 on the Lanes, is offering another site for housing to the west of Lower Pennington Lane.  This land, like SS6, is co-owned by the family of Councillor Simon Smith, Deputy Mayor of our Town Council.

Uncovering the Mystery

Shockingly, it has taken persistent questioning from PALLS to have the location of this new site confirmed. 
This time they are promoting to NFDC a 130 unit housing estate on Green Belt land west of Lower Pennington Lane, bordering the National Park. They say the land is the ‘next logical extension’ and ‘provides opportunities to enhance connectivity’ and is available immediately.  Most of the site is co-owned by Pennington Councillor Simon Smith, Deputy Mayor.
We feel the public have a right to know what is going on.  The lanes are under intense threat and the environmental impact of large-scale development will be huge.  Is this ‘connectivity’ the beginning of a south Lymington Ring Road?  Will our local councillors’ stand up for the Lanes?  Do ask them – they’re all up for election in May 2023.
We have written to the Chief Executive of Lymington and Pennington Town Council to say that it is not appropriate for Councillor Smith to be on the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group in view of his personal and financial interests in both the allocated site SS6 and this new additional site west of Lower Pennington Lane. We await their reply.

Cicero New Site: Programs
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