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Drainage Report

March 2021

Below is a summary of our Drainage report from Such Salinger Peters Ltd. (SSP).  A full report may be obtained by emailing

This report covers both surface and foul water drainage and is based on information provided by Cicero Estates at Inquiry from their consultants Ruddlesden Geotechnical and Vectos.

  • SSP agree that more work needs to be undertaken regarding percolation tests and how surface water will be regulated to ensure that the regular flooding at Maidens Lane and Lower Woodside is not exacerbated. The question of surface water drainage needs to be modelled to ensure that it can be drained safely and needs to identify what attenuation works are required. (Note that the site promoter’s consultants advise that the site is not suitable for soakaways).

  • SSP recommend that as the drainage of the site is highly complex the issues relating to discharge of surface and foul water drainage are dealt with at outline stage as they believe that potential solutions are likely to affect site layout and viability. 

Drainage Report: About Us
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