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PALLS Commissioned Reports

Highways and Drainage Considerations,  March 2021

We met with Claire Upton-Brown, Chief Planning Officer of New Forest District
Council in September 2020 to set out our concerns about the development of SS6 and its seriously harmful impact on the Lanes.  Following this and in response to her offer to co-ordinate a meeting with Hampshire Highways, we have submitted a Highways Report and a Drainage Report to her with a request that she discuss it with us and consider it as part of any pre-application discussions.

To date, we await a response. You can see the full document via the link.

The Highways Report, prepared for us by PEP Transport Planning and Highways Consultants, makes clear findings and concludes that the proposals set out by the site promoters fail to comply with transport-related policy requirements and would not achieve safe and suitable access for all users. This reinforces the view we have consistently expressed that the lanes are wholly unsuitable for the type and level of development that is proposed.

We are continuing to work on the numerous other aspects of the development which are of
concern, including ecology, trees and impact on the New Forest National Park to name but a few. We have been told that PALLS views will be taken into consideration and we welcome that and look forward to discussing our consultant's findings with Claire.

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