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Reports Commissioned by Site Developer, Cicero

These reports were submitted as part of the screening opinion application procedure to New Forest District Council to see whether an Environmental Impact Assessement (EIA) is required for the site.  More details on this link.

PALLS requested that the reports be released as public documents, under the Freedom of Information Act (FOI) as they had been submitted as part of a public planning procedure. 

Some crucial information is missing from the documents which have been submitted to New Forest District Council - for example, a plan to accompany the Arboricultural Report (which means you can't tell which trees they refer to) and the appendices which form part of the Transport Assessment.  

PALLS have asked our Transport Consultant to review Cicero's Transport Assessment, although this is difficult owing to the lack of appendices.

We have asked New Forest District Council for the missing information but they do not have it and say it was not submitted as part of the screening application.

Arboricultural Report

Drainage Statement

Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment

Phase 1 Preliminary Ecological Appraisal

Transport Assessment

Cicero Reports: In the Press
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