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PALLS Chair Writes to Lymington Times

February 3 2023

PALLS submits article to Lymington Times

January 2023

Cicero Promote a New Site on the Lanes

PALLS finally gets to the truth in Sept 2022

Independent Road Safety Audit Shows Increased Risk of Collision if SS6 Goes Ahead

December 2021

PALLS use Freedom of Information Act to gain access to 'secret' reports

June 2021

Cicero Consult the Community

24 May - 6 June 2021

New HCC Councillor for Lymington & Boldre

May 6th 2021

Cicero Split and Expand SS6

March 2021

Northfield Nursery - Planning Application - Currently Withdrawn

February 2021

Hampshire County Council's Response to Quiet Lanes Request

February 2021

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PALLS Influence decision on Trees on Lower Pennington Lane

January 2021

PALLS Sends Transport Assessment to NFDC

December 2020

Lymington and Pennington Town Council's Neighbourhood Plan

December 2020

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