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Objection to Application to Destroy 17 Trees

Thank you to all of you who  took the time to object to the tree works application which proposes to decimate the Landmark Pine Group bordering Lower Pennington Lane. You can see our PALLS response via the link below.

At the time of writing, a massive 63 representations have been received (62 against, one commenting and none in favour according to the NFDC website).

Three town councillors have objected to the application, two in a private capacity.  The Town Council are a consultee and have not objected but the decision rests with New Forest District Council (NFDC).

A decision will be made on 13th January 2021 and public speaking will be permitted at this meeting.  PALLS will request to speak at the meeting and we will liaise with others who also wish to do so nearer the time.  Please do continue to lobby your district and town councillors to raise awareness of this threat to the distinctive character of our lanes.

Objection to Trees Application to Destroy 17 Trees: Product
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